White Fillings

White Fillings are an ideal solution to restore decayed teeth. They are a much safer option as they require less tooth structure to be removed when an individual is being prepared. They are made out of a combination of glass and tooth coloured materials and are the modern alternatives to amalgam (mercury, silver fillings). In comparison to the previous amalgam fillings, these new white fillings are much stronger and durable and have the ability to enhance your appearance and tooth functionality.

At d-spa, we are able to individually tailor the fillings to match the colour of your natural teeth, providing a more aesthetic look and feel to the teeth. Not only are we able to give you new white fillings but we are also able to replace old amalgam ones as the mercury that is contained within it can distort in temperature changes. This can ultimately lead to discoloration and fractures in the tooth.

Contact d-spa and arrange for a consultation today if you require a filling or want to replace an old amalgam filling and revitalise your smile.

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