What to Expect


Our practice lounge and treatment studios have been designed and furnished to evoke a warm, soothing and inviting atmosphere that will help you feel calm and relaxed.

Essential Oils

Special oils are used in our practice lounge and treatment studios to help relax the senses and add a soothing sensorial element to your dental experience - it takes the 'clinical' out of going to the dentist.


Feel free to kick back during your dental treatment and enjoy some music or a DVD from our selection of movies. Even better, you can bring along your own DVD to enjoy.


Our standards exceed government requirements for autoclaving all instruments and hand pieces. Infection control seminars are conducted yearly for d-spa employees to keep up with and remain informed on the best research and advances.


d-spa stocks the highly regarded range of Active Oxygen Therapy products.Imported from the United States, these advanced products give patients the best aids in the preventive treatment of dental decay and gum disease.

Useful Information