Join Our Dentisure Program

Am I eligible for Dentisure?

The great thing about Dentisure is its easy eligibility requirements:

  • Must be registered for Dentisure on the DCN website.
  • Must be under 85 years of age.
  • Must visit d-spa at least once every 12 months.

What’s the catch? Amazingly, there is NO catch - it is completely free for you! Our patients are important to us and Dentisure is part of our commitment to providing our patients with the best care beyond the dentist chair. So why not sign up and take advantage of this great additional benefit, all for simply being a d-spa patient?


How do I register my family and myself for Dentisure?

You have two registration options:

  1. Our friendly receptionist can sign you up on your behalf and you’ll receive a confirmation email within 48 hours – we want to make it as quick and easy for you as possible!
  2. Alternatively, you can visit the DCN website ( to register. The process is simple, takes 30 seconds and only requires your contact details.

Useful Information