d-spa's Invisalign Success Stories


"I didn't want to go through the process of conventional braces knowing that it would be more painful and probably a longer process. What I love about Invisalign is that you can see results instantly, even if it's only minor. Even though I've had my Invisalign aligners for over a year now, it seems like a shorter time period as changing my aligners every 2 weeks really helped speed up the straightening process. I've started my refinements to tweak the very last bits of my treatment. I am already very pleased with how my teeth look and can't wait to see the final outcome!"

- 26 year old, female patient at d-spa, 538 Collins Street


"I had the traditional metal braces when I was 15 and was reluctant to undergo the treatmnt for a second time because I remember the process being painful and I used to develop cuts and ulcers from the metal brackets and wire. As a young professional, I was also self-conscious at the thought of havig to have a mouth full of metal again, especially when I'm working in a profesisonal environment and meeting with clients. I've only just started my Invisalign treatment with Dr. Cox but I'm already excited to be able to see computerised images of how my teeth will straighten out over the next 38 weeks. Plus the fact that the aligners will be comfortable, clear and practically undetectable is incredibly reassuring." 

- 24 year old, female patient at d-spa, South Yarra 


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