About Dr Rebecca Estlin

Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Clinical Science (Chiro) (RMIT)


Founder and principal chiropractor Dr Rebecca Estlin is a registered chiropractor with over 15 years experience working in private practice throughout Australia. Her studies at Universal Medicine with the renowned Serge Benhayon influenced her decision to incorporate a gentle healing modality into her work. Specialising in gentle chiropractic methods, Dr Estlin employs specific yet gentle touches to help alleviate stress and tension from the spine. Unsurprisingly, Dr Estlin has developed a loyal patient following through her soothing yet effective chiropractic care, patient care excellence and her ongoing commitment to enhancing her patients’ health and well-being naturally.

To learn more about the soothing methods of gentle chiropractic, please contact 9452 2111 or restlin@d-spa.com.au

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