At d-spa, we pride ourselves on employing the most advanced, state-of-the-art technlogy to ensure you recieve the best dental treatment possible. Below are are some of the ways in which we use our technology to help us develop an effective treatment plan for all your dental concerns:

Digital intra- oral radiography

At d-spa, we utlise digital intra-oral rediography to help treat your teeth. This method use 90% less radiation then conventional radiographs and have the advantage of being instantly viewable on a computer screen.This makes diagnosis easier by reducing the need for a second appointment or lengthy appointments.

Digital O.P.G.

We also use digital O.P.Gs as this allows our d-spa dentist to investigate the areas of interest, such as wisdom teeth and T.M.J without the need for a referral and added hassle. This essentially saves you time and reduces the need for follow up appointments.


We pride ourselves on using the best materials and dental tools availble on the market to ensure that you receive the most premium materials for optimal dental treatment. All of our materials have been selected based on in-depth research.

Ceramic restoration

At d-spa, we actively chose not to have our own laboratory by rather engage the services of an external laboratory. This decision has allowed us the opportunity to use only the best laboratories in Australia to deliver the finest results for ceramic restorations.

Digital Intra Oral Camera

This camera gives you the same view of your teeth that our d-spa dentist gets when they examine your teeth and gums. This means that you can shadow our dentist and see first hand any fractured fillings, decayed teeth and inflamed gums, ultimately helping you better understand the dental diagnosis and recommended treatment plan.

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